I’ve been building websites since 1995, for both businesses and non-profit organizations.

The best approach, as in all advertising, is the simplest one that will convey your message effectively and with appeal.

Here are some websites I’ve created.

London Power website screen shot

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This is an e-commerce site, hosted on the customer’s server space with a dedicated IP number for best security, and SSL technology.

Don’t worry about that technical description … the main thing is, it’s an easy-to-navigate, secure site that does a lot of business.

This type of site (based on a software called OpenCart) features a web-based dashboard on which the customer, if they choose, can make updates to the content of their own site once it is set up. Or, we can maintain it for them.

This site is hosted on the customer’s own server space (hosting). If you’re new to purchasing web hosting services, we can guide you.


Kakabeka Farmers' Market website screenshot

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This site uses open-source WordPress software, which you may have heard of, and is hosted on the customer’s server space.

WordPress features a web-based dashboard on which the customer, if they choose, can make updates to the content of the site, add or subtract pages, and in some cases change background colours, text colours and other style aspects.

WordPress offers a variety of “themes” or appearances that are easily interchanged. This makes it easy to freshen up the look of a site that has had no changes in a while, with minimal work. Some themes are free from WordPress, and some involve a small extra charge. We can help you with anything that’s beyond your current knowledge-point.

This site is based on a free WordPress theme, “out of the box” with no modifications by the webmaster. With content and logo provided by the client, it took only a few hours to create.


BearHaven Screen Shot

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Here’s another WordPress site, hosted on the customer’s server space. As you can see, WordPress sites can have many different looks.

This site makes use of WordPress’s blog features on select pages.

The WordPress theme used for this site is colourful, and was enhanced by the webmaster with some modifications including the ability to display a logo on the top left corner.




Superior Seed Producers website screen shot

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This site demonstrates a very inexpensive way to establish an online presence. Websites may be set up with no hosting charges using a web-based dashboard at Excellent  results are possible. The URL of such a site will take the form of; “wordpress” will be part of the domain name for as long as you use the free service.

Superior Seed Producers is a small community group with a minimal budget, and needed a place to post current seed lists, events, and educational materials. A site is the perfect solution while they consider next steps.

Design options here are not as extensive as with a customer-hosted WordPress website.